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31 March 2020

Prevention and Control of the Coronavirus Covid-19

Vietnam: Prevention and Control of the Coronavirus Covid-19, 31 March 2020. Images from Vietnam Stamps Company.

Prevention and control of Covid-19

VNcode: 1121

Release date: 31/03/2020
Expiration date: 31/12/2021
Stamps in set: 2
Size of stamps: 31 x 46mm
Perforations: 13
Number of stamps printed on the sheet: 25
Design artist: Pham Trung Ha
Printing Method: Offset multi-colored at the Post Stamp Printing Company

[NOTE: The following is machine-translated from Vietnamese]

COVID-19, also known as an acute respiratory infection caused by a new strain of the Corona virus, is an infectious disease epidemic that began to break out in December 2019 in Wuhan, Hubei, China and fast. quickly spread to the whole world. The World Health Organization (WHO) was initially called 2019-nCoV and then officially decided the name COVID-19. On 11 March 2020, WHO officially declared the COVID-19 epidemic to a global pandemic.

In order to contribute to propaganda and raise the awareness and responsibility of the entire population in the prevention, control and determination to reverse the COVID-19 epidemic, the Ministry of Information and Communications issues the stamp set “Prevention and control of COVID diseases. -19 ”, consisting of 02 stamps with face value of VND 4,000 and VND 15,000.

During this time, before the complex happenings of Covid-19 epidemic worldwide and Vietnam we are also entering the highest stage of epidemic, risk of infection in the community. Contribute to the propaganda to raise consciousness, together with the Government to protect themselves with the community and record a period of Vietnamese nation together, together, prevent global plague, Ministry of Information and Official media distributes stamps: Together to prevent Covid-19 translation, including 2 motifs:

  • Motif 1: Images on the propaganda stamp of the necessary things that the people and the Government together minimize the maximum contagious, protect community health. Together with Vietnam as well as countries around the world do good measures to prevent Covid-19.. Express through Covid-19 prevention images such as wearing a mask, temperature check , spraying antibacterial.
  • Motif 2: Showing pictures of the front line doctors to prevent Vietnam’s plague as well as doctors in the world to study Vacxin order to be determined to push back Covid-19 translation.

Together we support and use the stamp set on the postal network to propaganda and train for friends, domestic and international relatives to push back the epidemic.

  • Perforated Stamps (S*): 12.000 sets; price: VND 19,000
  • Imperforate Stamps (So): 3.500 sets; price: VND 19,000
  • Oveprtinted “SPECIMEN” (Spe): 2.600 sets; price: VND 28,500
  • Stamp Book: VND 90,000
  • First Day Cover: VND 25,000
  • Maximum postcards: VND 31,000

When these stamps were announced in late March, I pre-ordered the single stamps in the various varieties, as well as a booklet, first day cover and set of maximum cards as my last pre-lockdown addition to my collection.  The parcel was sent via Registered Mail from Saigon, Vietnam on 3 April and arrived in Bangkok, Thailand on 6 April — extremely fast considering that Thailand’s Prime Minister issued an Emergency Decree a few days before and shut down the nation’s airports to incoming flights a couple of days after that.  The shutdown was in response to a large group of passengers who had arrived at the international airport in Bangkok who refused to enter quarantine and then “escaped”.  That ban on flights (for all but a very few VIP’s) was supposed to last three days but has continued since then (currently said to end on 30 June).

At any rate, my package of stamps entered the “Black Hole of Thailand” otherwise known as the Laksi Mail Processing Center in Bangkok. Postcards are the most common victims and about half of my regular mail items.  These items will sit at Laksi for weeks, sometimes months without moving forward. Laksi almost always apply a backstamp there so I know when it has arrived in Bangkok and compare it to arrival time in Phuket which is just 525 miles or 844.37 km straight down the highway (they do not use air transport for mail on this route).  I had never had this happen to EMS or Registered Mail before now.  I kept checking Vietnam Post’s tracking tracer, hoping for some movement.

Around 6 May, the tracker seemed to indicate this parcel was being returned to Vietnam but it arrived in Phuket on 15 May, apparently caught in the bridge closure from the mainland.  As my regular postal delivery driver has been unable to do his job since the lockdown began, and the local post office was outside of my “allowable zone”, it fell upon the Postmistress herself to finally bring my parcel to my home (she being the only one remaining who is allowed to handle Registered Mail). Quite a journey my stamps took!

I present the scans below….

Outer Cover:

Perforated Stamps:

Imperforate Stamps:

Specimen Stamps:

Booklet of Stamps containing two blocks of four (one of each design):

First Day Cover:

Maximum Cards:

11 thoughts on “New Issues 2020: Vietnam (Coronavirus COVID-19)

  1. Tahseen Al-Bayati says:

    I do appreciate if anyone can post me those stamps’ sets, and I will either pay him/her back or send back stamps collection from Jordan as an exchange…

    • Mark Joseph Jochim says:

      Hello. I am expecting to receive several of these stamps but the shipment has been held up because of COVID-19. The borders of my province of Phuket island, in Thailand, have been closed since 31 March and they are not allowing anything — including mail — to get through. As soon as I receive my shipment, I will contact you about setting up a possible exchange.

      Take care and stay safe.

      • Mark Joseph Jochim says:

        Do you still need the Vietnam COVID-19 stamps? Please email me if so…

          • Mark Joseph Jochim says:

            Hi, I simply provide information. I do not sell these stamps. There are links on each page to postal agencies and, occasionally, dealers.

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