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10 March 2020

Rare Birds

Luxembourg: Rare Birds Series, 10 March 2020. Images from Post Luxembourg.

Price of the series: €6,80
Drawings: Johan de Crem (F)
Layout: Ierace Dechmann + Partners (L)
Printing: Multicoloured offset lithography, 800 frame printing and random printing, Cartor Security Printing (F)
Dimensions: 45 x 33 mm, 10 stamps per sheet

Special series Rare birds

10 March 2020
POST Luxembourg is rounding off the special series by issuing these three motifs:

Skylark: €0,40

Skylarks live in fields, meadows and pastures, in open landscapes. As ground breeders, they build their nests hidden in hollows. When rearing their young, they prefer insects, worms and larvae, while in winter, they feed mainly on plants.

House Sparrow (Bird of the Year 2020): €1,40

These birds display a high level of social behaviour and breed several times a year, preferably as a colony. They do not shy away from human presence, and they like to visit feeding houses set up in the garden, using bird baths for drinking and bathing several times a day.

Robin: €5,00

The agile robin is an early riser, but you can hear his singing until late in the evening. With its striking orange-red throat plumage, it can be seen mainly in hedges and bushes. As for food, robins look for beetles, spiders, worms, snails and larvae.

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