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17 July 2020 [postponed from 15 April]

Treasures of Notre-Dame — The Façades of Notre-Dame

France: Treasures of Notre-Dame – The Façades of Notre-Dame, 15 April 2020. Images from Phil-Ouest.

Technical Specifications:

Date of Issue: Friday, July 17, 2020
Illustrated obliteration 1st day in PARIS at Le Carré d’Encre, 10am-1pm and 2.30pm-5pm, 13 bis rue des Mathurins, 75009 PARIS.
In view of the exceptional context, the time limit for First Day obliterations is extended for broadcasts from March 1, 2020, from 8 weeks to 6 months.
General sale on Monday, July 20, 2020 Info
Face value: 1.40 See fares as of July 20, 2020
Postage of priority letter up to 20g internationally
Vertical stamp – Serration : 13
Total dimensions: 40.85×52 mm
Colors : dark brown
Printed in soft waist
Issued to 350,000 copies

Graphic design and engraving by Sarah Bougault
Based on a photo by © picture alliance / Marcel Kusch / dpa

A bit of history… The facades of Notre-Dame
An intense emotion gripped the world when on April 15, 2019 , Notre-Dame de Paris fell victim to a terrible fire. Very quickly, after the time of amazement, came that of solidarity. Initiatives have multiplied to support the cathedral restoration project.
Maurice de Sully, bishop of Paris, laid the first stone in 1163. Its construction lasted more than a century, but it did not cease thereafter, according to the jolts of history to change, to embellish itself. Vandalized during the Revolution, the old cathedral was reinvented in the 19th century thanks to Victor Hugo, who revived it with his novel ” Notre-Dame de Paris””, And to the architect Viollet-le-Duc who will be in charge of repairing the building (1844-1864).

Throughout its history, Notre-Dame has welcomed popes, kings and emperors. In the XIII thcentury, King Saint Louis presented the Crown of thorns of Christ; in 1804, Napoleon I was crowned there. Many Te Deums were sung there to mark the glorious hours of our history, the Magnificat celebrating the triumph of the people of Paris liberated in 1944. It was also, in contemporary times, the place of national funerals. Catholic place of worship, living memory of our nation, Notre-Dame is also the meeting point for millions of men and women of all cultures and all languages. And its facade, whose beauty made of grandeur and lightness, harmony and balance, splendor and serenity tells us the Christian message of the Incarnation.

Its contemplation makes us heirs of its builders: the tailors who marked with their signature these stones assembled in vaults or flying arches, the sculptors who transformed them into saints, gargoyles or chimeras. This “book of stones”, which tells more than 850 years of our history, is entrusted to us. It’s up to us to write the next chapters …

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