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Czech Republic

25 March 2020

Honey Bees

Czech Republic: Honey Bees,  25 March 2020. Image from Česká pošta.

Technical Specifications:

Catalogue number: 1069
Type of stamp: Definitive stamp identified with a letter
Date of issue: 25.03.2020
Face value/Price: 19,00 CZK
Print sheets: 40 self-adhesive stamps
Size (mm): 33 x 26 mm
Graphic designer:Jaromír a Libuše Knotkovi


Face value: A stamp identified with the letter B corresponding to the price of Ordinary Letter – Standard up to 50 g in domestic Economy service (current price according to the Price List of Basic Postal Services.


two honey bees, each on a different flower. One on a white flower, the other one on a pink flower.

Honey bees belong to the Hymenoptera order. They are one of the best-known representatives of social insects. Honey bees develop in several distinct life cycle phases: egg, larva, prepupa, pupa, and adult. The egg is laid by the mother bee at the bottom of a worker or drone cell in the comb or in a queen cup. The larva hatched from an egg does not resemble a bee at all and has to go through a complete transformation process before it becomes an adult. The prepupa in the mother cell has a cocoon formed on the sides and at the top of the cell only. The pupa is the fourth stage of bee development. At the pupa stage, the internal organs undergo a transformation. The young adult bee crawls out of the cell after biting its way out through the wax cap. The complete development of the mother takes 16 days, of a worker 21 days, and of a drone 24 days.

Method of printing

multicoloured offset

Used copy, received 6 August 2020:

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