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02 March 2020

Dragonflies (Series II)

Liechtenstein: Dragonflies (Series II), 2 March 2020. Images from Colnect, Philatelie Liechtenstein and eBay.

Date Of Issue: 02. March 2020
Designers: Armin Hoop, Ruggell; Xaver Roser, Ruggell
Stamp format: 38 x 32 mm
Perforation: 12 x 12 ¾
Sheet format: 208 x 146 mm
Print: 4-colour offset CMYK Gutenberg AG, Schaan
Paper: UPM Raflatac, 110 g/m2, white, Unik OBA free/perm/K80W, self-adhesive (water-soluble)

Like in the first part of the series, the motifs for the second and last part of these colourful definitives were taken by nature photographer Xaver Roser. He captured the dragonflies on camera in the Ruggeller Riet nature reserve in Liechtenstein.

The “White Featherleg” dragonfly (face value: CHF 0.85) is, true to its name, basically white and is easily confused with other featherleg dragonfly species. The “Red-veined Darter” (face value: CHF 1.30) is a very frequent migrant. It usually produces two, sometimes even three generations a year. The “Scarlet Darter” (face value: CHF 1.80) is a typical species of the Mediterranean region, which has spread increasingly northwards in recent years probably due to global warming. The complete body of adult males of this species is bright red and reaches a length of about forty millimetres.

In Austria and Germany, the “Spotted Darter” dragon fly (face value: CHF 2.00) is an endangered species and is classified as “vulnerable” on the Red List in Switzerland. It has completely black legs and its wings have dense venation compared to other members of its species.

Face value: CHF 0.85
Motif: White Featherleg

Face value: CHF 1.30
Motif: Red-veined Darter

Face value: CHF 1.80
Motif: Scarlet Darter

Face value: CHF 2.00
Motif: Spotted Darter

Liechtenstein: Dragonflies (Series II) (first day cover), 2 March 2020.

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