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02 March 2020

Sesame Street




Germany: Sesame Street, 2 March 2020. Images from Deutsche Post.

Sesame Street, stamp at € 0.80, sheet of 10

Wet adhesive stamps, each 0.80 EUR, in a sheet of 10, suitable for franking standard letters up to 20 g.

Draft: Jennifer Dengler, Bonn
Motif: Bert, Elmo, the Cookie Monster, Samson, Tiffy and Ernie, TM and © 2020 Sesame Workshop
Value: 0.80 EUR
PWz format: Width: 44.2 mm; Height: 26.2 mm
Format sheet of ten: Width: 115.00 mm; Height: 158.00 mm
Arrangement PWz: 2 PWz next to each other, 5 PWz below each other
Arrangement EAN code: An EAN code is placed on all four edge pieces of the narrow brand sheet side. The relevant edge pieces remain white.
Printing house: Bagel Security-Print GmbH & Co. KG
Substrate and printing process: Coated, white and fluorescent postage stamp paper DP II; Multicolor offset printing
Issue date: March 02, 2020

Sesame Street was invented by TV producer Joan Ganz Cooney and psychologist Lloyd Morrisett. The completely new and revolutionary concept was to use television as an educational tool and to prepare children, especially from low-income families, for school and life.

The muppets of American Sesame Street and German Sesame Street are now depicted on German postage stamps: Ernie, who lives with his best friend Bert in the basement of house Sesamstraße 123. Elmo, the furry red monster with an orange nose, is also a very popular figure. His contagious laugh and good mood have won generations of preschoolers. The cookie monster with the blue fur and the rolling googly eyes loves chocolate biscuits, but eats almost everything else. Samson, the good-natured bear, loves his comforter, sausages and roasted almonds. He likes to lie in his hammock or dance. Samson’s best friend is Tiffy. She collects snow globes and likes to repair alarm clocks.

Brand set “Sesame Street”, postage stamp for € 0.80, set of 10

Self-adhesive postage stamps at EUR 0.80 each in a set of 10, suitable for franking standard letters up to 20 g within Germany.

Size of the individual stamps: 39.00 x 22.40 mm (reduced compared to the wet adhesive SPWz 44.2 x 26.2 mm)
Size of the set: 90 x 130 mm (closed)
Motif: “Bert, Elmo, the Cookie Monster, Samson, Tiffy and Ernie, TM and © 2020 Sesame Workshop”,
design of the postage stamp: © Jennifer Dengler, Bonn.

First use day: March 2nd, 2020.

Folding card “Sesame Street”
Limitation: 1,500 pieces

Funny folding card in the shape of a cookie with the cookie monster, including the mint never hinged special postage stamp “Sesame Street” in a clip pocket.
Only 1,500 cards
Format: approx. 15 × 16 cm

Transfer card “Sesame Street”

With 2 special postage stamps “The Sesame Street” with the two first day cancellations “Bonn” and “Berlin” from 02.03.2020.

Format: 21 × 14.8 cm

Memorial sheet “Sesame Street”
with first day cancellation “Berlin” from 02.03.2020

“The, the, the – who, how, what – why, why, why? Who does not ask remains stupid …” Here you meet the protagonists of SESAMSTRASSE and learn how the series has developed in 50 years. With a pair of the special stamp “SESAMSTRASSE” and first day cancellation “Berlin” from 02.03.2020.

4 sides
Format: A5

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