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07 February 2020

Ivan A. Bunin, Poet 150th Birth Anniversary

Russia: Ivan A. Bunin, Poet 150th Birth Anniversary, 7 February 2020. Images from eBay and Marka.

Design artist: Uliyanovskiy S.
Paper: Chalk surfaced
Printing Method: Offset + security system
Perforation: Comb 12:12½

On February 7, a stamp dedicated to the 150th Anniversary of writer and poet Ivan A. Bunin will go into postal circulation in the Noble Prize Winners series. The postal stamp provides a Bunin’s portrait against a Russian manor house; the margins of the stamp sheet show the writer’s quotations and facsimile.

Ivan Alekseevich Bunin (1870−1953) – Russian writer and poet, Nobel laureate in literature. Honorary Academician in the category of elegant literature of the Imperial St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences. Born in Voronezh in the family of an impoverished nobleman. Bunin wrote his first poems at the age of 17. In 1891, the first collection of his poems was published. Having soon moved to Moscow, Bunin made literary acquaintances with Tolstoy, Chekhov, Gorky, who left a significant mark in his life and work.

The main motives of creativity are the world, love and death. Ivan Alekseevich warmly and in detail described his own feelings and life moments, often plunged into the past and remembered pleasant and negative moments, trying to understand himself and at the same time convey deep and truly eternal thoughts to the reader.

Among the works of Ivan Bunin can be distinguished such as the collections of poems “Under the Open Sky” (1898), “Leaf Fall” (1901); the stories “Antonov apples” (1900), “Pines” (1901), “Mitina love” (1924), “Sunstroke” (1925), as well as the main novel in the writer’s life – “Arsenyev’s Life” (1927−1929, 1933 ) This novel brings Bunin in 1933 the Nobel Prize “for strict craftsmanship with which he develops the traditions of Russian classical prose.”

Awards and prizes: Pushkin Prize (1903), Pushkin Prize (1909), Golden Pushkin Medal (1911). In 2004, the annual literary Bunin Prize was established in Russia.

On the postage stamp is a portrait of I.A. Bunin against the backdrop of a Russian estate, in the margins of a vintage sheet – quotes and facsimiles of the writer.

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