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02 February 2020

Postal Uniforms (booklet)

Catalogue number: VZS31
Type of stamp: Definitive stamp identified with a letter
Date of issue: 01.02.2020
Face value/Price: 190,00 CZK
Print sheets: 10 die-cut self-adhesive stamps in the form of area-wide stickers separated by a serrated cut
Size (mm): 23 x 30

You may order only stamp booklets. Orders of individual pieces of stamps are not accepted.

a mounted courier in red uniform

Uniforms became the main identifier of postal personnel that distinguished them from other members of the public as early as mid-18th century. They cultivated a sense of professional pride and certain exclusivity among employees of the Post and contributed to their corporate feeling. Today they serve as historical evidence of the material and cultural history of the Post and its employees as well as of period fashions and the social, economic and spiritual environment in the Austrian monarchy, interwar and postwar Czechoslovakia.

Method of printing: Offset

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