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01 February 2020

Bicycles — Favorit Brand Bicycle

Czech Republic: Bicycles – Favorit Brand Bicycle, 1 February 2020. Image from Česká pošta.

Catalogue number: 1059
Type of stamp: Definitive stamp identified with a letter
Date of issue: 01.02.2020
Face value/Price: 19,00 CZK
Print sheets: 50 stamps
Size (mm): 30 x 23 mm
Graphic designer: Petr Ptáček

Face value: A stamp identified with the letter B corresponding to the price of Ordinary Letter – Standard up to 50 g in domestic Economy service (current price according to the Price List of Basic Postal Services

a vintage Favorit bicycle in green colour

The Favorit bicycle is a phenomenon among bicycles. Between the 1950s and 1990s, the Rokycany-based manufacturer built both ordinary bicycles and all the various types of special racing bicycles. The first bicycles were built in Rokycany in the late 19th century under the Tudor or Tripol brands. The Favorit plant was established in 1951. In its heyday, it produced 200,000 bikes a year. During the most popular period of the Favorit, most boys dreamt about owning a bike made by the Rokycany plant. The best Czechoslovak cyclists, such as the Pospíšil brothers or Jiří Daler who won a gold medal in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, used different types of the Favorit.

Method of printing: offset printing in black colour

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