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19 February 2020

Buying the Future!? Consumption Monster

Austria: Buying the Future!? Consumption Monster, 19 February 2020. Images from Post AG.

Release Date: 19.02.2020
Print Style: Offset
Design: Susanne Fritz
Printed by: Joh. Enschedé Stamps B.V

A stamp to make us think

Every year “Die Presse” and Austrian Post organise a joint stamp competition. This year’s winner is a monster, or at least that is what it says in the stamp’s title.

The theme for this year’s design competition was “buying the future!?”, because today,more than ever before, people’s consumer habits are being subjected to scrutiny. The throw-away society, mountains of rubbish, mass consumption, scarcity of resources, sustainability, ecological footprint – these are just some of the buzzwords that were addressed by the more than 50 designs submitted. Ten short-listed contributions were presented in the “Presse am Sonntag”, with the winning design ultimately being selected from among these finalists by an expert jury.

The monster on the stamp

A hungry, green cartoon monster with horns and sharp teeth is about to devour the Earth – a fitting symbol for the consumer society in industrialised nations. We are often unaware of the extent to which thoughtless behaviour causes lasting damage to our planet. People buy whatever is being promoted and is available without considering where the foodstuffs have come from. Cheap meat, exotic fruit – consumers want everything to be available anytime, anywhere and at low prices. The fact that the environment suffers as a result of long transport routes, that animals being raised for cheap products are kept in poor conditions or that a lot of food never even gets eaten but is simply thrown away is something to which many people never even give a thought. Excessive consumerism is one of the reasons that planet Earth is in serious danger. That is the point to which this special stamp aims to draw attention in a very emphatic and clear manner with its consumption monster.

The design comes from Susanne Fritz from the STRUKTIV design team, which specialises in creating a visual identity for brands and products. The company, based in the Lower Austrian town of Engelmannsbrunn, provides its customers with “conscious design” with clear concepts and careful execution from strategic brand development right through to optical formulation of their business objectives.

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