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27 January 2020

Geometry in Nature — The Pentagonal Form


Belgium: Geometry in Nature — The Pentagonal Form, 27 January 2020. Images from bpost.

Theme: Geometric patterns form a blueprint in nature. There are specific patterns: the spiral, the circle, … Up to and including 2022, we will focus on these with a series. In 2020 we will discover the pentagon.

a. Pyriet (Copyright: iRocks.com – The Arkenstone)

b. Collection of pentagons in nature

c. Platycodon grandiflorus – Balloon plant (Copyright: T. Toe Thane Photography)

d. Soap foam

e. Cross section of okra
Leaf: Enlargement of the soap foam
Layout: Kris Maes
Format of the stamps: acde: 40mm x 30mm; b: 40 mm x 60 mm
Size of the leaf: 225mm x 150mm
Layout of the leaf: 5 stamps
Value: 1 destination Europe – For standardized shipments up to 50g
Paper: gummed white FSC
Tanding: 11 1/2
Printing process: Offset
Date of issue: January 27, 2020
Repro and printing: bpost Philately & Stamps Printing

First Day sheet of the issue “Geometry in nature. The pentagon “. For five years, we will look for the most striking geometric patterns in flowers and plants, fruits and animals. This year: the pentagon.
FDS with first day stamping, on the reverse a fascinating text N / F on the subject and all technical characteristics of the stamp issue.
Date of issue: 27/01/2020
Product code: 00000031615

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