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05 March 2020

Pro Infirmis Organisation for the Handicapped Centenary

Switzerland: Pro Infirmis Centenary, 5 March 2020. Images from Swiss Post.

At first glance, something looks wrong: no matter how you affix the Pro Infirmis anniversary stamp, one of the faces and half of the text are always upside down. There is no such thing as up or down and right or wrong – just as there is no such thing as disabled or non-disabled. Pro Infirmis, Switzerland’s biggest professional organization dedicated to serving people with disabilities, was founded in Olten in 1920. It campaigns for a coherent disability policy based on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and is a competence center for issues relating to disability. Its objective is an inclusive society in which everyone is accepted for who they are and where diversity is seen as a strength. After all, if everyone is able to participate in everyday life without any barriers and is allowed to blossom, we all reap the rewards. There are 1.8 million people living with a disability in Switzerland. Pro Infirmis supports them in their everyday lives and promotes their self-determination. In the future, too, the organization wants to continue speaking and working with those directly affected and their relatives and to bring dialogue to the fore. The special stamp has a face value of CHF 1 and a surcharge of CHF 0.50. Most of this will go to Pro Infirmis, and 10% will go to the postage stamp fund for cultural and social commitment run by Swiss Post.

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