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05 March 2020

National Library 125th Anniversary

Switzerland: Swiss National Library 125th Anniversary, 5 March 2020. Images from Swiss Post.

What does a diver have to do with the Swiss National Library? It’s simple: you can truly dive into the sea of knowledge that the National Library has to offer in its collection of books, prints, websites, magazines, audio materials and more, and you can uncover new worlds. This surprising motif adorns the special stamp dedicated to the anniversary of the National Library. It celebrates the sheer variety that this institution has to offer. Going by the motto “All about Switzerland”, the National Library has been gathering all sorts of publications from and about Switzerland for 125 years, including both printed and audio materials, and now of course digital materials as well. This makes it so much more than your conventional library. Here, you can get engrossed, research, explore, browse and discover – a veritable dive into all the knowledge the library provides. The stamp aims to depict the tightrope walk the National Library is performing between analogue media and digital media. You can scan it using the Post-App, and this will make the image start to move. With this augmented reality effect, you can discover so much more on the stamp.

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