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05 March 2020

Ice Hockey World Championship in Switzerland

Switzerland: Ice Hockey World Championships in Switzerland, 5 March 2020. Images from Swiss Post.

In 1920, Switzerland took part in an Ice Hockey World Championship for the very first time. 100 years later, the country is hosting the 2020 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship. From 8 to 24 May, the 16 best ice hockey nations in the world will be competing for the coveted world championship title in Zurich and Lausanne. Switzerland and the sport of ice hockey – now there’s a history that’s steeped in tradition. The fastest, most dynamic team sport in the world beguiles fans and brings them to the stadiums in droves. The most recent successes enjoyed by the Swiss national team are also generating a positive atmosphere and a lot of anticipation. That’s why the slogan for the upcoming championship is “Let’s make history”. We have created two special stamps: the 85-cent face value stamp depicts the moment in which a hockey player tries for a goal. The goalie’s perspective is rarely seen, and it is this angle that makes the motif so interesting. On the 1-franc stamp, sportsmanship takes center stage: the five players are in motion, reflecting team spirit and the power and speed that are so typical of ice hockey. As for the colour scheme, both motifs are simplified to red and black. This helps them to stand out from the background, which is in cool tones of blue and grey. This background depicts the host nation of Switzerland with the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountains.

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