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21 January 2020

Signs of the Zodiac — Aquarius

Brazil: Signs of the Zodiac – Aquarius, 21 January 2020. Image from Correios do Brasil.

Technical characteristics:
Code: 2688796 – 852012969
Artist: Adriana Shibata
Issue date: 1/21/2020
Face value: 1st Size Non-Commercial Letter
Release locations: Brasilia DF
Printing: 250,000 stamps
Printing process: offset + special silver paint
Role: gum paste
Sheet: with 24 stamps

The stamp art for this issue was made with elements that symbolize the eleventh sign of the zodiac: Aquarius. In the upper left corner is its icon, which symbolizes two parallel waves, one wave representing reason, the other, feeling. A strip in gray and another in green delimit the space where the name and the time interval governed by aquarium are inserted. The green stripe represents the air element, one of the rulers of nature that characterize the personality of those born in this sign. In the left-central portion, the illustration of a Greek vase and in the right side, the representation of its constellation. The digital illustration technique was used.

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