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21 January 2020

Albanian Parliament Centenary

Albania: Albanian Parliament Centenary (miniature sheet), 21 January 2020. Image from Colnect.


Issued on: 21.01.2020

The issue consists of 1 series with 5 stamps
Author:Artion Baboçi
Value per stamp: 20 lekë, 30 lekë, 40 lekë, 60 lekë and 200 lekë
Print-run: .000 stamps (at 20-lekë), 3.000 stamps (at 30-lekë), 3.000 stamps (at 40-lekë), 3.000 stamps (at 60-lekë), 13.000 stamps (at 200-lekë)
Stamp dimensions: 44 x 34 mm
Sheet composition:1 series per sheet
Sheet composition for postal service: stamps per sheet (at 200-lekë)
First day cover with series: 400 pcs
First day cover price with series 650 ALL
Folder: 300 pieces (The folder has a set and a first day cover)
Folder price: 1130 lekë

Printed in Albania by Adel CO

The 200-lek stamp was issued in both the miniature sheet of 5 and in sheets of 28.

Albania: Albanian Parliament Centenary (first day cover), 21 January 2020. Image from Posta Shqiptare.

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