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20 January 2020

“The Organ Grinder” by Josef Čapek

Czech Republic: “The Organ Grinder” by Josef Čapek, 20 January 2020. Image from Colnect.

Catalogue number: 1058
Type of stamp: Definitive stamp identified with a lette
Date of issue: 20.01.2020
Face value/Price: 270,00 CZK
Print sheets: Booklet: 6 different die-cut self-adhesive stamps
Size (mm): 50 x 29 mm
Graphic designer: Jan Kavan

Face value: a stamp identified with the letter Z corresponding to the price of priority Ordinary Item up to 50 grams, international service – non-European countries (current price according to the Price List of Basic Postal Services).

Stamps identified with a letter can be used alone or in combination to mail any sort of domestic or international products.

Josef Čapek’s painting The Organ Grinder at the Gallery of the Central Bohemian Region GASK

Josef Čapek (1887–1945) was a Czech painter, graphic artist, book illustrator, and writer. He was the elder brother of writer Karel Čapek. After graduation from the two-year German-speaking weavers school in Vrchlabí in 1903, he worked as a shop floor worker at F.M. Oberländer’s factory in Úpice. In the autumn of 1904, he permanently moved to Prague to study at the School of Applied Arts. In 1911, he co-founded the Group of Graphic Artists. Few of his early works, predating his trip to Paris in 1910, have been preserved. After the 1911 works (Mother and Servant) inspired by Fauvism, he painted his first attempts at Cubism (The Port of Marseille and Marseille, 1912). The New Building portraying a city periphery, composed at right angles and dominated by a lamp post with an arc lamp, marked a transition from the 1912 landscapes to the cubist figure paintings of 1913. The greatest work of the 1913 period is the Female Nude, in which a woman’s body becomes a string instrument; the picture combines elements of analytic and synthetic Cubism. He used Cubist morphology with freedom and a sense of humour, and did not avoid the clumsiness of naïve art. Towards the end of the 1920s, he wrote the illustrated stories All About Doggie and Pussycat for his daughter Alenka and started painting for children. After Adolf Hitler came to power, Josef Čapek joined the other artists in their criticism of the changed political situation and drew a series of newspaper illustrations called In the Shadow of Fascism. He was arrested and sent to a concentration camp. His remains have never been found. In 1948, the court officially declared 30 April 1947 as the date of his death.

Method of printing
multicoloured offset


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