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25 January 2020

Lunar New Year — Year of the Rat

Estonia: Lunar New Year – Year of the Rat, 25 January 2020. All images from Omniva,

Reference: 4740352117303
Issue Date: 25.01.2020
Designer: Triin Heimann
Number: 730-25.01.20
Stamp zone: Outside Europe
Stamp type: Classical
Quantity issued: 25 000
Perforation: 12¾ x 13
Printer: AS Vaba Maa
Print: offset
Sheets: 4 x 5
Size: 40.88 x 41.3 mm
Primary theme: culture
Year: 2020

2011 marked the debut of a series of postage stamps commemorating Chinese New Year. This is the 10th stamp in the series and is dedicated to the Year of the Rat due to start on 25 January. There are 12 animal signs in the Chinese zodiac and the rat is the first of them. According to one legend, the Jade Emperor organized a race between the 12 animals. The ox was the leader as they approached the finish line but the clever rat jumped off the ox’s back just before and won. In Chinese culture, the rat symbolizes intelligence, wealth and vitality.

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