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28 January 2020

Discovery of Antarctica Bicentennial (Joint Issue with Estonia)

Russia: Discovery of Antarctica Bicentennial, 28 January 2020. Image from eBay auction.

Design artist: Uliyanovskiy I.
Paper: Chalk surfaced
Printing Method: Offset + bronze paste + security system
Perforation: Framework 12:12¼
Size of Miniature Sheet: 124×70
Size of Stamp: 30×42
Edition: 27,000

The honor of the Antarctic Continent discovery belongs to the Russian Antarctic expedition of 1819−1821 on the Vostok and Mirnyi sloops commanded by Faddei Bellingshausen (1778−1852) and Mikhail Lazarev (1788−1851). On July 16, 1819, the expedition went to sea. The Antarctic coast was actually discovered on January 28, 1820.

The results of the round-the-world expedition of Bellingshausen and Lazarev were considered among the most considerable events in the history of the global geographical explorations.

The stamps of the postal block provide the portraits of F. Bellingshausen and M. Lazarev; the margins of the block show a group of sailors against the Antarctic scenery.

Russia: Discovery of Antarctica Bicentennial (first day cover and St. Petersburg first day of issue postmark). Images from MARKA Catalogue.

Russia: Discovery of Antarctica Bicentennial (souvenir folder), 28 January 2020. Images from MARKA Catalogue.

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