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04 February 2020

Rose – Doar 24 (Definitive Stamp)

Israel: Rose – Doar 24 Definitive Stamp, 4 February 2020. Images from Israel Post.

Issue Date: ט’ שבט תש”פ 04/02/2020
Stamp: Rose – Doar 24 (Definitive Stamp)
Designer: David Harel
Denomination (in NIS): 5.50
Size of Stamp: 26.1 mm X 34.56 mm
Plate: 1145
Stamps per Sheet: 15
Tabs per Sheet: 5
Method of Printing: Offset
Security Mark: Microtext
Printer: Cartor Security Printing, France


In 2005, the Israel Postal Company introduced a new service called Doar 24, offering postal delivery in Israel within one business day to both business and individual customers. The Israel Postal Company promised that items sent before 4:00 pm (when the post is collected and brought to sorting centers) from postal branches throughout the country would be delivered to the recipient on the next postal delivery day.

When this service was launched, a wide range of improvements were made to the sorting centers, transport and logistics systems were upgraded, and a special expedited process was put into place for Doar 24 items. These changes allowed the Israel Postal Company to deliver items within the pre-set timeframe.

The Doar 24 service is offered at a worthwhile price and business and individual customers who send a large volume of postal items (more than 1000 letters) receive a significant discount. Postal branches are equipped with stamping machines that allow envelopes to be sent at discounted rates, and special Doar 24 envelopes may be purchased from automatic machines. In addition, as part of efforts to improve service, specific Doar 24 mailboxes have been installed in the postal branches, allowing customers to send their items without waiting in line.

The new stamp has no nominal value and is valid for posting letters weighing up to 50 grams via Doar 24 service.


The Rose bush belongs to the genus Rosa and grows wild in many places in the world. The rose came to the Middle East as a cultivated plant from Persia in the ancient Second Temple Period and thanks to its beauty, it became widespread. The rose is not mentioned in the Bible (although some have mistakenly identified another flowering plant noted in the Bible as a rose). It first appears in the Book of Sirach and the Book of Enoch as a symbol of joy and as decoration. The rose is mentioned as an ornamental plant in the Mishna and in the Talmud, such as in the quote “a tale of the rose garden that was in Jerusalem” (Mishna Maasarot 2:5) which appears on the First Day Cover.

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