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04 February 2020

The New Histadrut Centennial

Israel: The New Histadrut Centennial, 4 February 2020. Images from Israel Post.

Issue Date: ט’ שבט תש”פ 04/02/2020
Stamp: The New Histadrut Centennial
Designer: Miri Nistor
Denomination (in NIS): 3.70
Size of Stamp: 30 mm x 40 mm
Plate: 1144
Stamps per Sheet: 15
Tabs per Sheet: 5
Method of Printing: Offset
Security Mark: Microtext
Printer: Cartor Security Printing, France

Berl Katznelson once said, “Our building is not made of stone, but rather of hearts”. This summarizes the first 100 years of the Histadrut’s activity as the home of Israeli workers.

The General Histadrut, whose institutions played a leading role in the establishment of the State of Israel, continues to be an influential and significant factor, while strengthening the position of workers and propelling the economy. Organized workers were and continue to be the backbone of the local economy and marking the Histadrut’s centennial expresses recognition of their contribution to the advancement of the unified spirit and mutual support in Israeli society.

In the years since it was founded, the Histadrut has managed to remain relevant in an era of many social and economic changes, and has positioned itself as one of the most prominent labor organizations in the world. Today, when the power of organized labor has been eroded in many countries, Israel has actually seen a record number of new unions. From traditional industries to hi-tech – the home of workers in Israel continues to thrive, grow and realize the vision it was founded to achieve in 1920.

Katznelson continued his famous saying about the building of hearts, noting that “this building requires constant change, examination and review and one must always ask if the line is askew to the vision”. This period is a window of opportunity to recognize the many changes taking place in the labor world in order to prepare for the challenges of the future and strengthen the workers and the economy.

The story of the Histadrut is the story of the State of Israel. Out of respect for this historic legacy and understanding that the Histadrut has an important role in defining the country, we have a responsibility to leverage the power of organized labor in order to raise the banners of innovation, creativity and the promotion of equality in the workplace.

As the home of the workers, we will continue to shatter the glass ceiling, to fight against abusive types of employment and to be a source of pride for all workers in the State of Israel.

Arnon Bar-David
Chairman of the Histadrut

The Stamp – illustrations of two men and a woman representing various sectors and jobs. The three characters are looking forward and upward – toward the future.
The Tab – silhouettes of working people.
The illustrations are based on photos by Shutterstock and more.

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