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09 January 2020

Sports — S.S. Lazio S.p.A 120th Anniversary

Italy: Lazio S.p.A. Sports Club 120th Anniversary, 9 January 2020. Images from Poste Italiane.

Machine-translated from the announcement bulletin:

Issuance of an ordinary stamp belonging to the dedicated “Sport” thematic series to the S.S. Lazio S.p.A., on the 120th anniversary of the foundation.

Issuing date: January 9, 2020.
Value: tariff B.
Print run: five hundred thousand copies.
Vignette: reproduces, above, the logo of the Lazio Sports Club and a soccer ball football that leaves a trail in its run; in the center stands the number 120, to indicate the years since the foundation of the Society. The stamp is completed by the legend “120th ANNIVERSARY S.S. LAZIO S.p.A. “, the word” ITALY “and the tariff indication” B “.
Sketcher: Gaetano Ieluzzo.
Print: Polygraphic Institute and Mint of the State S.p.A., in gravure printing.
Colors: three plus gold.
Paper: white, neutral coated, self-adhesive, non-fluorescent.
Adhesive: 90 g / m2. white paper, self-adhesive Kraft monosiliconata 80 g / m2. water-based acrylic type, distributed in quantities of 20 g / m2 (dry).
Perforation: 30 x 40 mm. 37 x 46 mm. 11 carried out with die cutting.
Sheet: forty-five specimens.

The Philatelic Counter of the Rome Prati Post Office will use the special cancellation on the day of issue created by Philately of Poste Italiane.
The stamp and related philatelic products can be purchased at the authorized Post Offices, the “Philatelic Space” in Florence, Genoa, Milan, Naples, Rome, Rome 1, Turin, Trieste, Venice, Verona and on the website

Rome, 9 January 2020

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