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03 January 2020

Envalira Pass

French Andorra: Envalira Pass, 3 January 2020. Image from LaPoste.

Date of issue: 03/01/2020
Theme: Geography and Tourism
Number of stamps per sheet: 50
Printing technique: Offset Lithography
Dimensions: 40 X 26
Montserrat Altimiras creation, layout Stéphanie Ghinéa

Machine-translated from French:
Priority letter rate 20 g + recommended R1.

This stamp inaugurates the new series “Landscapes and mountain passes” – Paisatge i ports de muntanya – which replaces the Legend series – Llegenda. The Port d’Envalira (from Catalan port = pass) is the highest road pass in the Pyrenees, it stands at 2,409 meters above sea level, a few kilometers after the Franco-Andorran border, between Soldeu (Canillo) and the Pas de the Case (Encamp). The pass was frequented on foot or by mule, summer and winter. The road to the Envalira pass was inaugurated by the Ponts et Chaussées administration of the Pyrénées-Orientales on October 19, 1910. It allowed access to Andorra’s first mechanical motor vehicle, a Doriot, Flandin and Parant ( DFP), led by Dr. François Gomma, delegate of the “Touring club of France” in a pioneering expedition to cover the highest road in Europe at the moment. It was only in the 1940s that it was possible to keep the pass open most of the year, except on snowstorm days. The Council was responsible for removing the snow, handmade until 1942, then using two snowmobiles. In the 1950s, the construction of a tunnel was studied to allow the Franco-Andorran pass to open 365 days a year, but it was not until 2000 that a subsidy was granted to a private company for build and operate it commercially for 50 years. This 2,879 meter long tunnel is considered to be the highest in Europe, located between 2,043 and 2,052 meters above sea level.

Information from Philandorre:

Port Envalira
January 3, 2020

The € 4.30 “Port d’Envalira” stamp, issued on January 3, was printed in offset in sheets of 50.
Its circulation is 60,000 copies. The dated corner is 09.10.19.

The stamp was designed by Montserrat ALTIMIRAS and laid out by Stéphanie GHINÉA.

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