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15 Jn

EUROPA — Ancient Postal Routes

Russia: EUROPA – Ancient Postal Routes, 15 January 2020. Images from eBay auctions unless otherwise noted.

Design artist: Shushlebina O.
Paper: Chalk-surfaced
Printing Method: Offset + Security Method
Perforation: Comb 11¾
Format: 32,5х65
Edition: 216,000

The Kholmogory postroad was known as early as in the end of the 15th century, but only a section of it to Vologda was in use. The first offers to establish a postal service in Arkhangelsk were made to Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich in the middle of the 17th century. At that time, the postroad followed nearly the same path as the present-day Moscow Arkhangelsk highway: through the trading quarter of the Trinity Monastery, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Rostov the Great, Yaroslavl, Danilov, Vologda, Velsk, Shenkursk, and Kholmogory. The oldest Russian regular postal service between Arkhangelsk and Moscow was launched under the rule of Peter the Great in 1693.

The postal stamp shows an ancient post route: the Kholmogory postroad (Arkhangelsk — Vologda — Yaroslavl — Moscow) and the Europe logotype.

Russia: EUROPA – Ancient Postal Routes (Moscow first day of issue postmark), 15 January 2020.. Image from MARKA Catalogue.

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