Christmas 2019 — Snowy Landscape
08 November 2019

Slovenia: Christmas 2019 – Snowy Landscape, 8 November 2019.

Technical details
Issue Date: 08.11.2019
Designer: Edi Berk
Printer: Agencija za komercijalnu djelatnost d.o.o., Zagreb, Croatia
Process: Offset
Colours: 4 Colours
Size: 23,76 x 30,80 mm
Values: B, C

About Christmas 2019 – Stamp B – Snowy Landscape
Many people still believe that it isn’t really Christmas if snow doesn’t fall on Christmas Eve! Peace and the anticipation of a new birth somehow merge with a snowy landscape, that at least for a little while instils towns, squares, villages, elds, meadows and forests with a certain tranquillity. The aggressive noise and bustle of everyday life is reduced, although many people see this day as an opportunity for noisy merrymaking amid the stalls of a Christmas market. In the relentless year-round rhythm of hurrying and scrambling after one goal or another, modern human beings need a little peace, at least once a year. How picturesque our towns and villages can be on Christmas Eve, when the roads and paths are totally empty, but a special festive light shines forth from the windows of the houses, telling us that people are celebrating the holiday in peace. For some people, this holiday has a far greater significance and is an integral part of their religious consciousness. For others, Christmas Eve and the day that follows are simply a holiday, a festivity, without any deeper meaning.

Slovenia: Christmas 2019 – Christmas Crib, 8 November 2019.

About Christmas 2019 – Stamp C – Christmas Crib
Since the rst nativity scene was created by Jesuit monks in Portugal in the second half of the sixteenth century, the art of making Christmas cribs has been developed by self-taught artisans, craftsmen and exponents of various artistic genres. This is also true in Slovenia, where the first Christmas crib is believed to have been created in 1644. Given the considerable diversification present within this particular field of creativity, it is actually possible to differentiate between numerous types of Christmas crib, either with regard to the techniques used to make them or in terms of their artistic and expressive value. One type is the cabinet nativity. As its name suggests, this is a nativity scene placed in a glass-fronted cabinetor display case that could be deeper or shallower,depending on the type. Once the Christmas period is over, the cabinet nativity is simply closed up and put away until the next year. Our stamp shows a cabinet nativity from Šentrupert in the Dolenjska region, a characteristic example of “folk art” or self-taught artistic creativity from the nineteenth century.
Janez Bogataj

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