Christmas 2019 — The Holiday Season
3 December 2019

Luxembourg: Christmas 2019 – The Holiday Season, 3 December 2019. Images from POST Luxembourg.

The Christmas stamps 2019 illustrate a classic subject, a decorated fir tree. A work by artist Anita Wünschmann. On closer inspection, you will notice that it is a collage; a composite image made of pieces of paper and other materials. This technique uses fragments to form something new and whole. At a time when many images are generated by computer, this traditional production of artistic patterns, where the skill is clearly apparent, is not only creative, but also has the merit of inspiring observers.

Price of the series: 1.85 + 0.25 €
Collages and layout: Anita Wünschmann (DE)
Impression: Offset lithography in four colors and UV varnish, Cartor Security Printing SA, La Loupe (F)
Format: 35 x 35 mm 12 stamps per sheet with decorated edges

These stamps and other philatelic products can be ordered from POST Luxembourg.

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