Christmas 2019
25 November 2019

Brazil: Christmas 2019, 25 November 2019. Image from Correios.

Commemorative Postal Issue: Christmas 2019 – 1st Size Commercial Letter Correios do Brasil
In the art created by Giana, the Christmas scene – represented by the star, the garland, the pine tree and the house number – has as its central figure the little girl carrying a letter addressed to Santa Claus. His image represents the innocent, unblocked, free and kind part that each person carries within, from which we can recover our most sincere desires. The idea of ​​this art is to say that a reality can come from a dream, from an intention, and that Correios, as a centenary institution, participates in this moment. The letter is the messenger who affirms the possibility of materializing our dreams in transcribing to paper. The dog represents loyalty and friendship. The shadows cast on the wall suggest universal values ​​such as love, unity, and peace, symbolized respectively by the heart, the family, and a little dove.

Technical Features:
Department / Section: Stamps | Issue 2019
Code: 2688457 – 852013060
Weight: 10 grams
Cubic weight: 0 grams

Additional Information:
Artist: Giana Pundek Tenius
Date of Issue: 11/25/2019
Face value: 1st Size Business Letter
Notice: 30
Release Locations: Rio Branco / AC, Maceio / AL, Manaus / AM, Salvador / BA, Brasilia / DF, Fortaleza / CE, Vitoria / ES, Goiânia / GO, Sao Luis / MA, Wells Caldas / MG, Cuiabá / MT, Belém / PA, Joao Pessoa / PB, Recife / PE, Teresina / PI, Curitiba / PR, Rio de Janeiro / RJ, Natal / RN, Porto Velho / RO, Erechim / RS, Sao Jose / SC, Aracaju / SE, Sao Jose do Rio Preto / SP and São Paulo / SP
Drawing: 1,200,000 stamps
Printing Process: offset
Role: self-adhesive cuchê
Sheet: with 30 stamps

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Christmas 2019 — The Story of Christmas
21 October 2019

Belgium: Christmas 2019 – The Story of Christmas, 21 October 2019. Images from bpost.

Theme: This year, the Christmas stamp is inspired by the Christmas story. We searched the art collections of Belgium and we chose two stained glass windows that evoke this story.
Postage stamps: (1) Detail of a stained glass window of the Collegiate Church of Notre-Dame de Dinant, showing the history of Christmas, created by Gustave Ladon. (2) Detail of a stained glass window in the Saint-Nicolas church in Ghent, showing the Virgin and Child, created by Jean-Baptiste Capronnier.
Creation: Myriam Voz
Stamp format: 24.45 mm x 29.25 mm
Sheet format: 60 mm x 163.40 mm
Composition of the sheet: 10 self-adhesive postage stamps
Values: (1) 1 NON PRIOR Belgium. For standardized formats up to 50g. (2) 1 Europe For standardized formats up to 50g
Paper: white multipurpose, self-adhesive fixed on a paper support
Perforation: (1) partially serration type 10 and straight lines (2) 11 1/2
Printing process: Offset
Issue date: October 21, 2019
Repro & printing: bpost Philately & Stamps Printing

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