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02 January 2020

Tourism — Sightseeing Routes on Two or Four Wheels

Spain: Tourism – Sightseeing Routes on Two or Four Wheels, 2 January 2020. Image from Correos Filatelia.

Issue date: 02/01/2020
Printing Process: Offset
Paper: Autoadhesivo fosforescente
Size of stamp: 35 x 24,5 mm
Sheet effects: 50
Postal value of the stamps: 1,45 € y 1,55 €
Print run: Ilimitada

Turismo. Rutas turísticas sobre dos y cuatro ruedas

Freedom, adventure, nature and the open road are the magic ingredients for road touring enthusiasts, whether riding a motorbike or towing a caravan. Thanks to its climate, culture and cuisine, Spain is a favourite destination for this type of tourism, and its hills and valleys are an added attraction for bikers. The mountainous landscape means they can enjoy quiet secondary roads with winding routes through spectacular scenery.

Motorcycle touring enthusiasts can be divided into three categories, depending on their age and the type of bike. The oldest often favour classic motorbikes, and enjoy road riding at a leisurely pace. Fans of touring motorbikes prefer long days on the road, with well-planned trips at higher speeds. Finally, the adventurous spirit and love of nature typical of off-road or dirt bike riders leads them to explore out-of-the-way spots thanks to the agility of this type of motorcycle.

Road touring on four wheels involves the same love of adventure and nature, but in a more tranquil form. These tourers are often couples or families with children who look for places where they can enjoy nature in peace and quiet. They can also be divided into groups by their vehicle types. First, people who tow caravans prefer to stop at campsites.

Campervans are the largest group, ranging from simpler vans fitted out for sleeping in to the spacious, fully equipped and much more comfortable motorhomes. Halfway between these two extremes are the popular overcab campers, called capuchinas in Spain, illustrated on this stamp, whose users enjoy both official campsites and informal stopping places.

Both stamps use the shape of traditional tourist stickers to show a motorbike and a campervan, each with a background of monuments representing different Spanish provinces.

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