Christmas 2019 — Carols
02 November 2019

Gibraltar: Christmas 2019 – Carols, 2 November 2019. Images from Royal Gibraltar Post Office.
Gibraltar: Christmas 2019 – Carols (miniature sheet), 2 November 2019. Image from Gibraltar

The set of stamps covers the postage values used in Gibraltar for postal operations throughout the Christmas period, and they feature popular Christmas carols that many generations have grown to love. The stamps have been designed by local graphics artist Mr Stephen Perera and have been printed on a high quality special easy peel self-adhesive paper to assist postal users during the busy Christmas period.
22p – Local Mail
40p – Mail to Spain
64p – Mail to UK
70p – Mail to EU
80p – Rest of the World
£3.00 – Registered Mail Fee

The word carol comes from the French word carole, meaning circle dance, or song of praise and joy. The singing of carols did not originate with Christianity, but with the pagan practice of celebrating the seasons. There are historical records from as early as 129 AD of songs written specifically for Christmas celebrations. These Christmas songs were primarily written in Latin, and were not called Carols, but hymns.

Technical Specs
Design: Stephen Perera
Illustration / Photography:
Printer: Cartor Security Printers
Process: Offset Lithography
Colours: 4 colours
Stamp size: 33 x 28mm
Issue date: 2019-11-02
Stamp Values: 22p, 40p, 64p, 70p, 80p, £3

Gibraltar: Christmas 2019 – Carols (presentation packs), 2 November 2019. Images from Gibraltar

Gibraltar: Christmas 2019 – Carols (first day covers), 2 November 2019. Images from Gibraltar

These stamps and other products can be purchased from Royal Gibraltar Post Office or Gibraltar

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