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07 February 2020

Animals of the World Reflected

France: Animals of the World, Reflected (booklet), 7 February 2020. Image from Phil-Oest.

The Stamp
First day on Friday, February 7th, 2020
Obliteration illustrated 1st day in PARIS (75) at the Carré d’Encre, from 10am to 5pm, 13 bis rue des Mathurins, 75009 PARIS.
Sylvie Patte & Tanguy Besset will host a signing session on February 7th from 11am to 1pm
General Auction on Monday, February 10, 2020 Info
Face value: € 11.64 See the rates as of February 10, 2020
Postage of 12 green letters up to 20g for France, Monaco, Andorra and postal sectors (army)
Vertical self-adhesive stamps Total dimensions 256 x 54 mm Serration 11
Full color
Printed in rotogravure
Issued 4,000,000 copies – see the 2020 draws

Layout by Sylvie Patte and Tanguy Besset
According to photos
for the cover
Zebras of the plains © Martin Harvey / Biosphoto
Polar bear © Paul Souders / Biosphoto

for stamps
* 1st line from left to right:
– Zebras of the plains © Martin Harvey / Biosphoto
– Siberian Tiger © Minden /
– Couple of lions © Martin Harvey / Biosphoto
– Gray seal © Flpa /
– Polar bear © Paul Souders / Biosphoto
– King penguins © Martin Zwick / Photoshot / Biosphoto * 2nd row from left to right:
– Flamingos © Alain Fournier / Biosphoto
– Lama © HUGHES Hervé /
– Green Frogs © image BROKER /
– Crabeater Heron © Jean-Jacques Alcalay / Biosphoto
– Herring gull © Minden /
– Humpback whale © PALANQUE Denis /
© La Poste

A bit of natural history …
This notebook is an ode to biodiversity. Twelve species are represented: Plains zebras, Siberian tiger, a pair of lions, gray seal, polar bear, king penguins, flamingos, llama, green frogs, squacco heron, seagull silver and humpback whale. These animals are majestic, under the sun, reflecting in the water or in freedom. Reflection or reality, the mirror effect gives the fullness of a moment … Whatever the direction in which we take these stamps, the strength and vitality of these animals are present.
However this balance is precarious because for the tiger of Siberia, the polar bear and the lions their becoming is worrying.
© – Swiss Post – All rights reserved
According to the press release of Phil @ Poste

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