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02 January 2020

German Physical Society — 175th Anniversary (Pre-Stamped Envelope)

Germany: German Physical Society – 175th Anniversary (Pre-Stamped Envelope), 2 January 2020. Image from Deutsche Post.

Issue Date:  02.01.2020
Sales Price (in Euros):  1
Design: Sebastian Heinicker, DPS Wermsdorf
Value impression:  SPWz 150. building Max Planck (0,55 €, issue 2008) and Machine postage stamp 25 cents “Receive letters”.
Nominal value:  80 cents
Printing:  Multicolor offset printing by Deutscher Philatelie Service GmbH, Wermsdorf, on uncoated special cover paper.
Size:  162 x 114 mm
Stamping:  The dispatch center Weiden also offers this product in stamped form; used for this purpose, but only the o.a. “Erstverwendungsstempel Bonn”. The stamping with this stamp takes place at the Stempelstellen Weiden and Berlin.
Order number:  unmounted mint: 152200360 stamped: 000360EW5

The following is machine-translated from the German detailed in the Stempel+Informationen bulletin No. 25 published on 29 November 2020:

The German Physical Society celebrates its 175th anniversary in January 2020 Consist. The aim of society is to give physics a public weight. Whether pupils, students, teachers, professors, industrial people or Nobel Prize winner – the DPG sees itself as the mouthpiece of physics and its neighboring disciplines. She awards prestigious physics awards, promotes young physicists, offers training opportunities and is the voice of physics in public debates.

On January 14, 1845 participants founded by Heinrich Gustav Magnus substantiated physical colloquium first the Physical Society to Berlin, from which on 1 January 1899 the DPG emerged. Physicist like Max Planck or Albert Einstein acted as chair of the DPG. After World War II, the DPG was reestablished in 1963. In Bad Honnef The DPG runs (with) the physics center and in Berlin the Magnus-Haus.

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