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31 January 2020

Contemporary Arts and Crafts in Slovenia — Contemporary Metal Design

Slovenia: Contemporary Metal Design, 31 January 2020. Image from Colnect.

Release date: 31.1.2020
Design: Edi Berk
Motive: Contemporary Metal Design
Print: Agencija za komercijalnu djelatnost d.o.o., Zagreb, Croatia
Technique: 4-colour offset in sheets of 16 stamps
Paper: Tullis Russell Chancellor Litho PVA RMS GUM, 102 g/m2
Perforation: Grebenasto 14 : 14
Photo: Tomo Jeseničnik

Arts and Crafts in Slovenia – Contemporary Metal Design
Master blacksmith Jože Krmelj

The blacksmithing tradition of the Krmelj family dates back to 1870. In 1926 the master blacksmith Matevž Krmelj bought an old mill at Log nad Škofjo Loko and built a blacksmith’s workshop in its place. He became famous as a maker of forged cutting tools for forestry work, most notably his very fine axes.

In 1960 the business was taken over by his son, also called Matevž, who expanded production to encompass tools for builders, decorators, stonemasons and butchers. Since 1990 the rich family tradition has been continued by Jože Krmelj, who also began forging remarkable knives and swords made of Damascus steel, one of the pinnacles of the blacksmith’s art. The “Damast” range of products is remarkable not only for its quality but also for its exquisite design, which is apparent not only from the blades of the knives and swords, but also from their sheaths and scabbards, which are made from various natural materials such as leather, horn and wood.

Krmelj’s workshop naturally also makes numerous other products, from tools to forged iron cookware. Not only that, but the master blacksmith organises one-day courses at which participants can forge their own knife. This is an extremely positive innovation that contributes significantly to passing on the rich blacksmithing heritage and expertise to younger generations, and one that would be worth copying in other crafts too.

Janez Bogataj

Slovenia: Contemporary Metal Design (first day cover), 31 January 2020. Images from Posta Slovenije.

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