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04 September 2020

Four Seasons (booklet)

Åland: Four Seasons, 4 September 2020. Images from Åland Post

Technical Specifications:

Design: Kjell Söderlund
Date of Issue: 04.09.2020
Denomination/Price: 8 x Lokalpost
Size of Stamps: 35 x 25,8 mm
Size of Sheet: 181 x 62 mm
Perforations: 13 per 2 cm
Printing Method: 4-colour offset
Printing House: Cartor Security Printing
Description: Booklet of 8 stamps, 4 motifs. Discover Mariehamn during the four seasons! The lovely lime tree avenue running through Mariehamn from the western to the eastern harbour, crossing the town square in the centre, has earned the town the epithet “town of the thousand lime trees”. The kilometre-long Esplanade was established after the founding of the town in 1861. The first lime trees were planted in the early 1900s and, today, we count approx. 320 trees.


First Day Cover:

Design: Kjell Söderlund
Description: Adorning the first day cancel is the 1991 stone sculpture Anadyomene by Ukri Merikanto erected next to the Church of Mariehamn.

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