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08 May 2020

EUROPA — Ancient Postal Routes

Åland: EUROPA – Ancient Postal Routes, 08 May 2020. Imagse from Åland Post.

Technical Specifications:

DESIGN: David Lundberg
DATE OF ISSUE: 08.05.2020
SIZE OF STAMPS: 50 x 20 mm
SIZE OF SHEET: 2 x15 stamps
PERFORATION: 13 per 2 cm
PRINTING METHOD: 4-colour offset
PRINTING HOUSE: Southern Colour Print
DESCRIPTION: The 2020 Europa stamp theme is ancient postal routes, and the Åland contribution shows the Postal Boat Race across the Sea of Åland. Following the ancient postal route between Åland and Sweden, the Race is arranged in June every year in remembrance of the Åland and Swedish postal-farmers’ obligation to convey mail as well as passengers in all kinds of weather. Starting in 1638, the conveyance of mail continued for almost 400 years until early 1900s.


First Day Cover:

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