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10 January 2020

Taiwan Scenery — Pingtung County

Republic of China (Taiwan): Taiwan Scenery — Pingtung County, 10 January 2020. Image from Chunghwa Post.

Republic of China (Taiwan): Taiwan Scenery — Pingtung County – full sheets of 20, 10 January 2020. Images from Chunghwa Post.

Chunghwa Post Stamp Number: D688
Issue Name: Taiwan Scenery Postage Stamps — Pingtung County
Designer: Delta Design Corporation
Printer: China Color Printing Co., Ltd.
Printing Method: Offset
Perforation: 13 × 12½

From the issue’s information page on the Chunghwa Post website:

Continuing the series of Taiwan Scenery postage stamps depicting Taitung County, Tainan City, Matsu, Taichung City, Penghu County, Yilan County and Hualien County begun in 2016, Chunghwa Post is offering a further set of four stamps featuring outstanding places of interest in Pingtung County. The stamps are described below:

1. Dapeng Bay Bridge (NT$6): This cable-stayed bridge crosses the only outlet to the sea from Dapeng Bay. To meet the development of yachting in the lagoon, the bridge has one section that can be raised. This is its special point of interest.

2. Kenting National Park (NT$6): Located at the southern tip of Taiwan and surrounded by the sea on three sides, Kenting National Park, a famous tourist spot and the first National Park in the country, is one of the few such parks to include both land and sea.

3. Little Liuqiu Flower Vase Rock (NT$8): Situated on the north of Liuqiu Island, also called Little Liuqiu, and shaped like a flower vase, Flower Vase Rock is part of a coral reef. Its fame comes from its proximity to the main harbor of the island.

4. Hengchun Old Town (NT$15): Hengchun Old Town, a well-preserved Qing dynasty town, is a national monument. It has four gates, of which the restored south gate still retains its gate tower and gateway.

Associated items with this issue:

(1) First Day Cover (162 mm × 114 mm): NT$2 apiece
(2) Folder (with or without mount): NT$5 apiece
(3) Loose-leaf album page: NT$8 apiece
(4) Pre-cancelled FDC affixed with one NT$6-denominated stamp: NT$8 apiece
(5) Pre-cancelled FDC affixed with a full set of stamps: NT$37 apiece

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