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06 May 2020

Enchanted Forest

Finland: Enchanted Forest (Frozen Bilberry Shrub), 6 May 2020. Image from Posti.
Finland: Enchanted Forest (Boreal Owl with Butterfly Wings), 6 May 2020. Image from Posti.

The 2020 Stamp Programme for Finland was announced by Posti on 17 October 2019.

From the Posti press release published on 17 October 2019:

Klaus Haapaniemi has designed a set of stamps that present an enchanted forest. The artwork featured in the stamps is part of the Polar Byzantine collection by Klaus Haapaniemi & Co. The mysterious subjects chosen for the stamps are a frozen bilberry shrub and a boreal owl with the wings of a butterfly. The Polar Byzantine collection, which is based on a lyrical story about animals, includes clothes and home decor. Enchanted Forest will be issued as a 10-stamp sheet containing two different domestic no-value indicator stamp designs.

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