Hong Kong Post Stamps | 2020 Stamp Programme

Date To Be Announced

Hong Kong Correctional Services Department Centenary

The design of this stamp has not yet been publicized. PHILATELIC PURSUITS will share the actual artwork for this issue once it becomes available.


NOTE:  This issue no longer appears on the Hong Kong Stamps website as of mid-January 2020 and may have been removed from the schedule.

Press Release announcing the 2020 Stamp Programme (14 October 2019)

The following is from Hong Kong Stamps’ webpage 2020 Stamps Issuing Programme and Introduction:

The Hong Kong Correctional Services Department (CSD) was established as an independent government department in 1920 (formerly known as the Prisons Department). Over the past century, the CSD plays a crucial role in the Hong Kong criminal justice system. Correctional officers were professional and impartial in ensuring a secure, safe, humane, decent and healthy custodial environment at all times in pursuance of their responsibilities and powers vested by law. Moreover, the CSD, in collaboration with various community stakeholders, has created rehabilitation opportunities to help persons in custody reintegrate into society upon release. In parallel, the department has been promoting law – abiding awareness and inclusive values through community education with a view to preventing crime and ensuring Hong Kong remains among the safest cities in the world. Hongkong Post congratulates the CSD on its centenary with an issue of six stamps on its diversified functions to help the public gain a better understanding of this important disciplined service.

Design:  To Be Confirmed


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