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Hong Kong

21 April 2020

Children Stamps — Chess Games Delight

Hong Kong: Children’s Games – Chess Games Delight, 21 April 2020. Images from Hong Kong Post and eBay.

Design: Alex NG
Illustration: Kenny WONG
Printer: Joh. Enschedé Stamps B.V., the Netherlands
Process: Lithography
Stamp Size: 38 mm x 38 mm
Stamp Layout (Stamp Sheet): Pane of 25 stamps
Stamp Layout (Mini-Stamp Sheet): Pane of 4 stamps
Souvenir Sheet Size: 200 mm x 120 mm
Perforation (Stamp Sheet and Mini-Stamp Sheet): 13.75 (one elliptical perforation on each vertical)
Perforation (Souvenir Sheet): 13.75 (perforations in different shapes on verticals of each stamp)
Paper: Paper with security fibres
Date of Issue: 21 April 2020

Press Release announcing the 2020 Stamp Programme (14 October 2019)

The following is from Hong Kong Stamps’ webpage 2020 Stamps Issuing Programme and Introduction:

Chess games help train one’s attention and concentration. As the game changes with every move, players have to use their brain power as well as imagination to stay on top. Since you can win or lose a chess game, it is good training for building resilience to adversity. Children, in particular, can learn to face challenges in school and in life. It is also a game for the whole family. Trying to outwit your opponent is so much fun, and a great way to unwind. “Chess Games Delight” under the Children Stamps series is designed around six chess games that are popular among children: Chinese chess, Jungle, Aeroplane chess games, Chess, Chinese checkers and Go. The colourful souvenir sheet features six stamps with perforations of different shapes. It is certainly a must – have for stamp collectors.

Chess game is a leisure activity that makes us smarter. It is also a game for the whole family that helps train one’s concentration and patience. As a game changes with every move, it inspires players to think and imagine, and enable children, in particular, to put on their thinking cap and refine their temperament. Hongkong Post issues a set of six stamps themed “Chess Games Delight” under the Children Stamps series that portrays six popular chess games, namely Chinese Chess, Jungle, Aeroplane Chess Game, Chess, Chinese Checkers and Go. With a design of brilliant colours, spirited children are enjoying the enormous fun on various chessboards.

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