Hong Kong Post Stamps | 2020 Stamp Programme

18 August 2020

Hong Kong Theme Parks:

Ocean Park Hong Kong

Hong Kong: Ocean Park Hong Kong, 18 August 2020. Image from Hong Kong Post.

Press Release announcing the 2020 Stamp Programme (14 October 2019)

The following is from Hong Kong Stamps’ webpage 2020 Stamps Issuing Programme and Introduction:

Ocean Park Hong Kong has been with us for more than four decades. As a collective memory to numerous Hongkongers, Ocean Park is a world – class marine theme park that incorporates entertainment, education and conservation. Well – loved by the Hong Kong public and overseas visitors, the park has kept abreast of the times, upgrading facilities regularly and offering a fun – packed and multifaceted experience of thrilling rides, conservation education and opportunities to get close to animals. The park also plays a key role in wildlife conservation by communicating the important values of respecting nature and protecting the environment through research and education. Hongkong Post is pleased to launch a six – stamp issue of six lovely animals and a stamp sheetlet that projects the vibrancy and fun of the Ocean Park.

Design: Wong Fun-fun

This issue icludes the following items:


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