Hong Kong Post Stamps | 2020 Stamp Programme

17 September 2020

Hong Kong – International Legal Hub

The design of this stamp has not yet been publicized. PHILATELIC PURSUITS will share the actual artwork for this issue once it becomes available.


Press Release announcing the 2020 Stamp Programme (14 October 2019)

The following is from Hong Kong Stamps’ webpage 2020 Stamps Issuing Programme and Introduction:

With a long and rich common law heritage, Hong Kong’s mature legal system is renowned for being transparent, trustworthy and fair, ranking well internationally. With an emphasis on the rule of law and legal services in Hong Kong, the Government sets up a Legal Hub in the heart of the city to accommodate offices of the Department of Justice alongside local, regional and international law – related organisations. The trusted legal system and broad range of world – class legal services would further consolidate Hong Kong as a leading centre for international legal and dispute resolution services in the Asia – Pacific Region. A stamp sheetlet depicting “Hong Kong•International Legal Hub”will be issued to signify the establishment of the Legal Hub and to let the public appreciate the advantages of Hong Kong in this aspect.

Design:  To Be Confirmed


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