National Stamp Collecting Month 2018
National Stamp Collecting Month 2018
National Stamp Collecting Month 2018

Although I have lived in southern Thailand with its myriad of Royal and Buddhist holidays for going on 14 years now, there are a few American observances that I steadfastly cling to such as Independence Day and Thanksgiving (school is always in session during Christmas and the weather is so hot that I try to avoid the holiday altogether unless I am called upon to wear the Santa Claus costume to the delight of kindergarteners).

My favorite American “celebration”, of course, remains National Stamp Collecting Month each October. It is a rather philatelic month elsewhere as well containing such stamp-related observances as International Letter-Writing Week, World Post Day and several nations’ Stamp Days. In years past, I have promoted the stampy nature of October with a beginning-of-the-month article here on Philatelic Pursuits and the creation of a banner used on my personal Facebook page. For 2018, estimated to be my 35th year as a collector, I plan to step things up a notch or two.

Switzerland - Michel #2146, released September 3, 2015
Switzerland – 175th Anniversary of the Penny Black (Michel #2146) – September 3, 2015

My first idea was to simply change my Facebook profile photo each day of October to display a different favorite stamp, perhaps in a frame mentioning National Stamp Collecting Month. I then realized that I probably have enough stamp-on-stamp, philately as a hobby and similar thematic stamps in my collection to use these as my profile photos. In the end, I decided why not start a Facebook page for the A Stamp A Day blog? I have maintained that blog each day since July 1, 2016, featuring a different stamp from each of the issuing entities in my collection (currently just under 400) and marking different event anniversaries with appropriate stamps or detailing whatever is portrayed on a particular stamp. To date, there are 825 articles on A Stamp A Day. Having a Facebook page to tie in with that blog will give me the opportunity to do a bit more promotion than I normally do (which is none at all aside from mentions on Philatelic Pursuits which isn’t exactly promoted, either).

Thus, for October 2018, most of my articles on A Stamp A Day will cover some aspect of philately or postal history to (more or less) describe whatever is depicted on the stamp. I plan to change the profile photos on the A Stamp A Day Facebook page several times throughout the month (not daily as originally planned), although they may not always match the stamp featured on the blog. There may be a few philatelic surprises along the way, plus a few breaks to mark non-philatelic anniversaries occurring during the month (including three different American Revolutionary War battles, John Lennon’s birthday — if my order from the USPS arrives in time — and the Phuket Vegetarian Festival). My Halloween post will (probably) feature the Legend of Sleepy Hollow but mostly, the articles will be about our beloved holiday.

Bracil - Tribute to the Philatelic Library - May 4, 2018
Bracil – Tribute to the Philatelic Library – May 4, 2018

I previously wrote about National Stamp Collecting Month on Philatelic Pursuits in 2016 and 2017 with similar articles on A Stamp A Day last year and the year before. October 2018 is my second attempt to maintain nearly an entire month of daily posts on the same subject; last year, I dedicated most of October to the memory of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand whose elaborate cremation ceremonies at the end of the month concluded more than a year-long mourning period.

Happy Stamp Month!

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