SAM_7249The school term finally ended yesterday and I’m preparing to get back-on-track with my philatelic pursuits, including putting together another “Stamp Issuers” article for this blog in the very near future.  After a lengthy period of no mail deliveries, I had a nice batch trickle in during final exams week.  The mail brought a few more classic U.S. stamps and I was able to add three more countries to my “A Stamp From Everywhere” collection.

Annam and Tonkin - 1 - 1888

Country #273 in my collection is Annam & Tonkin, represented by a mint copy of Scott #1 issued on 21 January 1888 – 1c surcharge on French Colonies 2c brown on buff paper.  The protectorates of Annam and Tonkin were located in what is currently Vietnam with the China Sea forming the eastern border and Siam (present-day Thailand) to the west.  Annam’s capital was located at Hue while Tonkin’s was Hanoi.  For administrative purposes, the Protectorates of Annam, Tonkin, Cambodia, Laos and the Colony of Cochin-China were grouped together and called French Indo-China whose stamps superseded those of A&T in 1892.

Scan_20151001 (7)

AntioquiaI received six stamps from the Columbian department of Antioquia, part of an eleven-stamp series featuring General José Maria Córdoba issued in 1899 (Scott #117, 119, and 123-126).  One of my favorite parts of collecting A Stamp From Everywhere is learning about places I’d never hears of before.  I’ve always been a real geography buff and I attribute that solely to receiving my mother’s old stamp album around the age of nine or ten; it was full of “Dead Countries” such as this.

The final “new” country received in the month of September was the nice set from Aruba – Scott #265-267 – depicting sunsets and issued on 31 May 2005.  Aruba was formerly part of the Netherlands Antilles, lying in the Caribbean Sea just to the north of Venezuela.  In 1986, it achieved a separate status within The Netherlands and began issuing its own stamps.

Scan_20150926 (16)

Finally, I received three more values from the United States beautiful set issued in 1893 to mark the World Columbian Exposition held in Chicago that year.  Scott #230, 1c deep blue, is titled “Columbus In Sight of Land” and is mint hinged.  The 2c chocolate “Columbus Soliciting Aid from Isabella” – Scott #234 – is used with a cork “fancy” cancellation while the Scott #236 8c magenta, mint hinged, depicts “Columbus Restored to Favor”.  I am now only missing four “Columbians” of those I consider to be within my budget (although I may be able to find an affordable copy of Scott #240 – the 50c slate blue – I doubt that I’ll ever be able to afford any of the dollar values). 

Moving backwards a bit, I also received an on-cover usage of Scott #65, 3c rose George Washington Perf. 12 issued 1861-62, with a nice CDS (circular date stamp) from Ashland, Ohio, as well as a lightly-cancelled Scott #11, 3c dull red Type I George Washington Imperforate issued 1852-57.

United States - 11 - 1855

I should also mention here that a British fellow teacher of mine journeyed to Penang, Malaysia, recently and returned bearing several postcards and a mix of Malaysian stamps found in a George Town bookshop.  She’d collected stamps during her childhood – particularly those depicting butterflies – and her interest has recently been restored through our break-time conversations.  It’s always thrilling for me to find a fellow collector here.  It happens so rarely!

Scan_20150926 (11)

Happy Collecting!