Following a rare-in-July day without mail (possibly due to the heavy monsoonal rains we experienced all day), I received a single envelope containing a single stamp which happened to be a new addition to my A Stamp From Everywhere collection – French Andorra.  I also recently obtained my first stamps from the Spanish administration of the co-principality and so will be putting together a “Stamp Issuers” installment detailing its history and stamps.


The French Andorran stamp is Scott #458, released on 4th November 1995 to mark the tiny enclave’s entry into the Council of Europe.  I’m always a sucker for flags on stamps!  (As you will soon see, I’ve recently created a set of flag stamps for the Muang Phuket Local Post.)

The stamp was ordered from a dealer in the Netherlands but was mailed in Belgium.  The envelope is covered with eight copies of Scott #B875 , a semi-postal released on 11 September 1971 to raise money for the Wallonia Festival, and one copy of Scott #734 which was released on 31 January 1970 for the Ghent International Flower Exhibition.  The latter stamp was also featured in a souvenir sheet of three released on 25 April 1970.

I love receiving mail that looks like this envelope; it’s a nice bonus when ordering stamps from other collectors and dealers.

Happy Collecting!

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