I’m becoming increasingly convinced that either my local postman or somebody at the main post office is withholding my mail from delivery until they decide that I have “enough” to make it worth their while.  Last Wednesday, I received some 14 pieces of mail after quite a long period of nothingness and today there were nine envelopes waiting for me at the reception desk.  I’d only received one postcard in the interim (one picturing the Bohemian town of Joachimsthal).  But no matter, at least the mail does arrive slowly but surely and it’s nice to have such treasures awaiting me when I return from a 13-hour day at work.

New stamp arrivals -- 11 June 2015

Bech001As I’m currently making small purchases – single stamps and sets to fill a few gaps and build new topical interests – the nine envelopes received today contained a total of 27 stamp items from eight different countries.  Only two of the stamp-issuing entities are “new” to my A Stamp From Everywhere collection – British Bechuanaland and Bechuanaland Protectorate (the northern section of the the Bechuanaland region in southern Africa).

A glance at the scans above will reveal a few of the themes I’m  working on – Places I’ve Lived and The Story of My Family (my father was a missile instructor at Fort Bliss) are the less obvious. 

Picture side of Swedish stamped postcard, 1977I’ve started to collect stamps picturing Charles Lindbergh because my life-long interest in his historic first flight across the Atlantic was rekindled last year by reading Bill Bryson’s excellent One Summer: America, 1927.  The first day cover for the United States’ 1977 issue marking the 50th anniversary of his flight was the first I received through the Postal Commemorative Society.  I vividly remember buying a few of the stamps shortly after their release, pasting one inside the front cover of my paperback copy of The Spirit Of St. Louis and getting it postmarked at the Hendersonville, Tennessee, post office near our home at the time.  The Wright Brothers stamps were similarly inspired by reading a book – David McCullough’s recently published biography.

Ajman23The Ajman airmail stamps (Scott #C1-9) were purchased as they are actually listed in the catalogue whereas a set of (rather ugly) international military uniforms that I received in a packet a couple of years ago is not listed.  However, I’m rather disappointed in the torn lower left corner of the 15-naye paise value.  I’ll probably use the 35np camel as the Ajman representative stamp on the ASFEW album page.

Lastly, I want to mention that I absolutely love the design of the two stamps from Gibraltar (Scott #932-933) received today.  The tiny colony always seems to produce some of the nicest-looking stamps around.  I look forward to obtaining more (these are only the second and third that I own from “The Rock”).



The French Lindbergh stamp from 1977 (Scott #C49) is also strikingly beautiful…


Happy Collecting!

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